Alexandra Carreira – Content Advisor and Commander Supreme

No word gets published without her approval, as she’s the boss lady of the Marketing team. Always available to give advice or unclog a creative block. She’s also holding the money bags and keeping us from getting too expensively creative.

Sandra Jesus – Director and Content Creator aka Ringleader and Word Master

Leader of the pack, makes things happen. Tight deadlines do not scare her, as she can make text appear out of the thin air…as long as her colleagues aren’t too noisy.

Samuel Reis – Content manager and Digital Genie

Youngest member of the team, makes us all look cool. He knows just the right hashtags to rock in the digital world

Rute João – Cover Designer and Creative Ninja

Strives for meaningful, hates to be told to “make it pretty”. When she’s not doing her magic on InDesign, you can find her headbanging in music festivals.

Susana Bento – Graphic Designer and Prt-time Unicorn

Designer, video editor, photographer and anything else that pops up. This cutie manages to juggle all of it while sipping tea out of her unicorn mug.

Susana Teixeira – Content Editor and Focus Freak

When she’s on a mission, nothing can distract her. With off the charts attention span, she excels within loud and unruly environments – you know, like business offices.

Sara Antunes – Translator and Eagle-Eyed Proofreader

From Hello to Hola and back, doesn’t get confused by the mix of languages, unless there’s cake in the room. Playing ‘I spy with my little eye’ with typos since the first edition – if you find one, it’s on her.