jp.ik in a NYC for the 73rd United Nations general assembly week

The UN General Assembly gathers the leaders of the more than 190 countries with a seat in the United Nations, multiplying itself in parallel events and meetings to share experiences, needs and challenges in the most various areas of sustainable development, such as the Education sector.

The Sustainable Education Meeting (SEM2018), which took place in September 27 and 28, at the Microsoft Technology Center, is an annual multi stakeholder initiative led by the private sector including some of the largest multinationals involved in edtech and willing to contribute for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This sixth edition aimed to reflect and debate the theme of “Education that counts – Data for Good Education”, focusing on Education Data and Funding with four interlinked thematic drivers of Sustainable Development: Education,Monitoring, Technology and Finance.

This being said, the Meeting focused on Education for Sustainable Development, as well as on the use of technology to improve the access and quality of education and on how the personal and social awareness of the scientific method, data science, coding and technological tools can contribute to a more effective management of Data, Monitoring and the achievement of SGDs.

This Sustainable Education Meeting joined Governmental agents for Education and ICT alongside with some of the biggest key players of the private sector. Alexa Joyce from Microsoft; Prof. Francesc Pedró and Lily Gray from UNESCO, Dr. Beatrice Njenga and Prof. Sarah Anyang Agbor from African Union commission (AUC), Jennifer Russel and Julia Heitner from iEARN-USA, the Minister of National Education of Senegal Mr. Serigne Mbaye Thiam, the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education of Zimbabwe Prof. Paul Mavima were among the key speakers of this two-days event.

The special Roundtable

On September 26, anticipating the SEM2018, it was held a Special Roundtable featuring “Financing@EDU Achieving SGDs” at the UN Headquarters in NYC.

In this Special Roundtable, jp.ik had the opportunity to meet with representatives of worldwide high-level financial institutions, such as the World Bank and the Global Partnership for Education.

During this special meeting, the Minister of Industry and Commerce Ragendra de Sousa presented the project of Mozambique entitled “School for All”, a differentiating education project designed to answer the most urgent educational needs of the country.

Ragendra de Sousa underlined that this Project aims tobenefit directly 100 000 students with direct access to a new classroom and 50 000 adults in a literacy program.

The Minister of Education of Zimbabwe Paul Mavima was among of the participants of this special event that joined strong stakeholders, who daily work towards an effective investment in Education and how technology can accelerate the implementation of solid educational systems and can leverage the preparation of the next generations for a world in a frenzy and jobs that do not yet exist.